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South Riding Center

South Riding Center

This center is the new flagship location of MCC. Located at the crossroads of several upscale suburban communities, this facility has it all. With a capacity of over 150 children, the South Riding center boasts large expansive classrooms, a magnficant two story activity space, as well as a large playground area. This center was designed with attention to even the smallest of details- from water fountain placement to the paintings on the walls. MCC's South Riding campus showcases the expertise, experience, talents and dedidcation of MCC staff, faculty, and directors.

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25075 White Sands Drive
Chantilly, Virginia 20152

703-327-0884 Phone

703-327-9685 Fax
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"The greatest triumph of our system of education will always be to obtain the spontaneous progress of a child."
-Maria Montessori (The Discovery of the Child)
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