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Toddler Program (Ages 2 - 3)

At this age, children are working to create themselves, but they still need some help. Toddlers want to learn and grow to the limit of their abilities. One of the ways they do this is by imitating those around them. To help, we carefully prepare the physical and social environment, for this is the manner by which the vast majority of cultures, moral beliefs and the rest of human personality are passed on. Learn more about the Toddler Program.

Pre-School Program (Ages 3 - 5)

To help ensure that a child receives the maximum benefit from the Montessori program, it is recommended that he start at the age of 2 ½ or 3 years old, and attend the school for three successive years (or four years in the case of a child who starts very young). In this way, he will have the time and the opportunity to work through the vast array of Montessori equipment, in its intended sequence. Learn more about the Pre-School Program.

Kindergarten Program (Ages 5 - 6)

The kindergarten program uses the ‘Spiral of Montessori Curriculum’ approach to teaching, in all academic areas. Everything is interrelated in an inclined spiral plane; one lesson leads to many others. Math leads to Science and Language, and Language leads to History and Geography. Dr. Montessori found that at every age level, students learn in different ways, at different rates, and learn much more effectively from direct hands-on experience. All lessons are presented individually through hands-on activities, in a sequence- from the concrete to the abstract.
Learn more about the Kindergarten Program.

Before/After School Care (Ages 6 - 12)

We offer Before and After Care for children from 6 to 12 years. The setting is informal with a teacher always at hand. The teacher will guide the children with their homework and help them with other needs. In addition, there are ample activities planned, resources present, and educational play equipment available to children, all intended to help ensure that students are productively occupied; whether indoors or outside. MCC’s wonderful outside playground facilities can accommodate a large number of children of all ages. Many a lifelong friendship has been developed here!
Learn more about the Before/After School Care.



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"The child has his own laws of development, and if we want to help him grow, it is a question of following these, not of imposing ourselves upon him."

-Maria Montessori (The Absent Mind)
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