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The first 6 years of a child’s life are his foundational and formative years, and their educational significance is unparalleled. At this age, children learn from nearly everything they are surrounded by and exposed to; they are uninhibited by barriers and past experiences which might, for instance, inhibit an older student in high school or college from learning a particular language or math theory. At this age, children not only pick up quickly on academic matters, but also life skills. Traits and characteristics such as good manners, the ability to socialize with peers, work and play neatly, develop a core understanding of what is right versus what is wrong- all of these are products of what is learned at this age. As such, it is extremely important that the environment of children, in this age group particularly, foster and encourage habits and practices which contribute toward the strong foundation of the child’s persona. It is for this reason that the education children receive at the preschool level is arguably the most influential they will receive in their entire life, providing the basis and bedrock upon which the rest of the child’s life and career will be constructed.

It is with the aforementioned backdrop, that MCC approaches the admission process. It is of the utmost importance to us, that both the child and the center are a good fit for each other. To assure this, prior to making an application for admission, we ask that the child to be admitted, visit the center with his parents. This informal interview, allows the child to get acquainted with the center, its setting, and staff. At the same time, this meeting also allows an MCC director to meet with the parents and the child to learn more about the child, parents and family, as well as ensure that the center and the child are a good potential fit for each other. These meetings must be scheduled with center directors in advance, and are usually conducted in the morning hours- as this time of day affords visitors the optimum chance to see and experience the classrooms in full session.

Click for Admission PacketFollowing an interview where all parties felt comfortable, and the visiting parents and children decide to make an application for admission to an MCC center, an admission application packet must be completed and submitted to the center via postal mail. The forms comprising this packet can either be downloaded from this website or picked up from one of the centers. Once completed the forms must be either mailed to, or dropped of at one of the centers. This submission process assures that the center will have an original for its records. Upon admission applications to the center being granted, an MCC center director will notify these applicants by phone and/or postal mail.

Following admission, the center director will work closely with the new parent and child to coordinate a start date and time which is best for everyone. We very much look forward to meeting both new parents and new children and thank you for considering MCC.


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"If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence."
-Maria Montessori (The Discovery of the Child)
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