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We are delighted that you are considering our Montessori environment as your child's "home away from home". We appreciate the trust you are placing in us, and we shall strive our utmost to make your child's most formative years happy, safe, loving, challenging, and exciting!

We will be working to develop an independent, self-directed, self-confident, caring and happy child, and we will try to stimulate curiosity and to expand his or her intellect and knowledge. We also hope to help your child learn to live as a friendly and considerate person; placing emphasis on learning not just for excelling in school, but also life.

Montessori Children's Center (MCC) is a family owned and operated cluster of centers situated across the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. Specifically, we are located in Falls Church, Herndon, Centreville and South Riding. Fiaza Haniffa, a dedicated Montessori Directress, founded the first center in Falls Church in 1983. Haniffa earned her Montessori degree from the Association Montessori International Training Center, completing her training with the highest distinction; in fact, subsequent to her graduation, Haniffa went on to serve as a lecturer at the institution. While a student, Haniffa’ chief instructor and subsequent mentor was a directress who actually worked with Madam Montessori. In late 2007 Haniffa led a group of senior MCC administrators to the Dr. Maria Montessori 100 year Anniversary Conference, held in Rome, Italy.

In 2008 the Falls Church center celebrated its 24th year of service, the Herndon center its 11th year, and the Centreville center its 9th year, and Montessori Children’s Center feels extraordinarily fortunate and privileged to have been a part of the lives of so many children, parents and families over the years. The last 25 years have been wonderful, we hope and expect the next 25 years to be even better!

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"How wonderful it would be if we could retain the prodigious capacity we had as children, of playing happily while learning at the same time the whole of a new language in all its intricacy !"
-Maria Montessori (The Absent Mind)
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